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Im gonna answer all the character + subject = my headcanon meme stuff after work btw because answering askd on a phone is a PAIN

Anonymous asked: Do you wish Hiro wasn't in Grev? He pissed me off with his preaching in every single battle 'he has truly surpassed himself blablabla' and his asshole attitude to tyson and kai.

Actually hiro is one of my favorite characters in all of beyblade… BECAUSE of the douche. Mostly. I really love the conflict he brings to team bba and how much of an ass he is?? Man I kind of wish hed been in vforce. Vforce wouldve been WAY more hilarious with him around. I just enjoy how awful he is so much. Its hilarious. No ine except tyson rly seems to like him and even tyson spends a lot of time yelling at him due to douche. Hes so fucked up he broke brooklyn EVEN MORE and after all that hes all “oop guess I was wrong ninjadouche awaaay”… The man is at least 25. He graduated college. IMAGINE HIM AS ANYONES IN LAW. ITS BEAUTIFUL.

Hiro is just a source of constant hilarity to me I dont expect anyone to understand. I revel in people insulting him and hating on him. Hes just. Terrible. Its great.

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Anonymous asked: What other animes do you watch apart from beyblade?

Currently im not watching any, but ive watched… lots um lets try to list some haha. Both fma, kill la kill, gurren lagann, madoka magica, evangelion, pokeymans, card captor sakura, cowboy bepop, saiyuki, naruto, dgrayman, ouran, haruhi, yugioh (original and 5ds), the first four seasons of digimon, loveless, shaman king, kenshin, serial experiments lain, dn angel, one piece, princess tutu… im PROBABLY FORGETTING A LOT? Ive watched or have heard wayyyy too much about most well-known/popular anime and some random more obscure stuff here and there? I havent kept a list haha. If ive reblogged it Ive seen it generally!

In general these days I pkay videogames and watch la sitcoms more than anime, I just like whining about spinning tops more.

Still super excited to be at work: now with my new too short hair

Still super excited to be at work: now with my new too short hair

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i’m on to u 

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send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping

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hahahahaahaaha omfg i almost feel mean reblogging this but i cant


hahahahaahaaha omfg i almost feel mean reblogging this but i cant

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vattallini asked: Oh sorry, what I mean by finalize Kai's issues is actually pick a good reason and further explain what happened with his grandfather and him, and his parents situation. Because we never get a full length answer. I felt like between the manga and the anime, which is kinda annoying that alot of animes based off mangas do this (Except Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood did it's own anime version and it's manga version) I want a good answer about Kai's full on past since he's repressed most of it.

ah! see, i think personally think all those issues were pretty… straightforward, in the anime? i’ve watched a lot of the japanese version tho and nelvana is v. guilty of changing a lot of kai’s plotlines in s1. and everyone’s. (theres a mention to tyson’s mother, father AND brother in episode one, max has no grandmother, etc.) a lot of kai’s stuff with his grandfather is still pretty explicit in the dub though, so. ehh. + for stuff like his parents is admittedly not outright addressed but doesn’t seem relevant to me? since he was in an orphanage so young, so they were probably out of the picture pretty early. and the abbey is… idk also straightforward man, i’m not sure we’d have learned much else even if he had his memory back? he trained to be the bestest in p. gross conditions. tada? 

idk the anime spent A LOT of time on kai’s issues; kid has the most character development in all three seasons. so for me that’s always been fine. 

also, i’m not sure what you mean by “pick a good reason”… for his issues? there’s a discrepancy between the anime & manga since his backstory was changed between both, is that what you’re talking about? since both ran at the same time that happened, yeah, but this is more of a pick one and stick with it situation. kai’s backstory is just way too different between both to reconcile. 


vattallini asked: Okay random question again, sorry but your like the only one I have met that will answer my beyblade questions. Um, do you think it would be more interesting if they continued the show but with a much more mature genre and intense story plot where the main characters are more psychologically challenged? It would be cool to look into more of Kai's psych in my opinion. Or atleast give us a satisfying answer of how big of a dick he can be, but how limited he is emotionally because he's still human

i really dont think you can make spinning tops more mature? but if beyblade was, like, evangelion or something, i guess that might’ve been cool? i’m just not super into really dark stories and most “”mature”” storylines are just angstfest for no reason. im cool with it being a show about friendship with a surprising amount of character development aimed at kids, man, that’s kinda what i signed up for. 

i’m not generally a fan of things that are dark for the sake of being dark/because DARK AND ANGSTY IS MATURE? i get how it can interest other peeps but it’s just not for me! 

vattallini asked: Okay what you said is mainly what I actually wanted too. Except I want them to have a very large budget this time if they continue a fourth season, but I'm effy on the style of g rev. Mainly because it looks kinda rough like Dragon Ball Z, but I suppose again with a bigger budget it would look super cleaner and smoother and even graceful with more pages for the animation. And I do agree with females to have more screentime. However I want them to finalize Kai's real issues in the series.

yeah like i said a bigger budget would be nice, but grev’s art style when it’s at full budget is super pretty!! so. idk. 

like look at this. if only all of s1 had been this pretty. if ONLY. 

aaaaand i have no idea what you mean by “finalize kai’s real issues”

Anonymous asked: Tysons butt is nicer anyway

the important part of team bba’s asses is really that max has slapped all of them at least once